Your remodeling project will involve us listening more than talking, collaborating instead of convincing, and the assurance that all labor is warranted for five full years.

The process begins with your virtual complimentary design consultation. We will then schedule a site visit, provide a remodeling proposal, along with a retainer cost. After signing and providing the retainer, the 3D design process begins.

STEP 1: Complimentary 15-Minute Discovery Phone Call

Every client interaction begins with a complimentary Discovery Phone Call. This 15-minute phone call is an opportunity for you and your Design Consultant to get to know each other and discuss your project. This phone call ensures your Design Consultant arrives at your in-person consultation fully prepared to make the most of your time together.

After the Discovery Call, an in-person Initial Consultation is scheduled.


  • Project cost: You’ll get a ballpark
  • Project timeline: You’ll get a realistic estimate of number of weeks
  • Project contract: None, there is no commitment at this stage

STEP 2: Complimentary In-Person Consultation and Design Retainer Agreement

We visit your home and inspect the areas that require remodeling which allows us to narrow down the ballpark price range. We’ll provide you with a remodeling retainer agreement that allows us to begin working on your 3D design. A $500 non-refundable retainer deposit, which goes towards the cost of your project, will be collected with the signed retainer.


  • Project cost: We’ll narrow down the ballpark
  • Project timeline: You’ll get a realistic estimate of number of weeks
  • Project contract: Design Retainer Agreement
  • Payment: $500 Retainer deposit

STEP 3: Design and Preliminary Proposal

We’ll work with you to create your design, present them in 3D perspectives and agree on major product selections, such as flooring, cabinets, and windows. Then, we present you with a preliminary proposal with a refined investment range and scope of work, and you go live on our software system. Once signed and we have received your 50% down, you have a guaranteed start date on our construction calendar.


  • Project cost: Updated to reflect your specific design choices
  • Project timeline: You receive a guaranteed start date
  • Project contract: Preliminary Proposal
  • Payment: 50% down minus your retainer
    Special order materials payments will be requested

STEP 4: Scope of Work

You’ll choose all the final products for your home, down to the last fine detail, including trim, moldings, grout and paint colors and we’ll use those to complete the scope of work. The project cost is finalized and you sign the Scope of Work, which locks in your payment schedules, allowances and final project cost.


  • Project cost: Finalized and payment schedule set.
  • Project timeline: Locked-in
  • Project contract: Scope of Work
  • Payment: Made according to payment schedule